UPDATE for 2012: Sadly, Burning Man has declined to give us a spot for 2012. The explanation we were finally given didn't make much sense (they said we weren't interactive enough, and that they're still bothered by the films we screened in 2008!). It seems clear that they have an idea of what VegCamp does, but haven't bothered to actually visit us to see if they're correct (they aren't). We've decided not to have VegCamp this year, and will weigh our options for the future.

VegCamp is a theme camp at Burning Man dedicated to inviting dialog and reflection regarding the roles and treatment of animals in our society. We do this with video screenings, food giveaways, an Ask-a-Vegan booth, and many, many ad-hoc conversations.

For 2011 we'll screen full-length movies (listed in the What Where When guide), staff the Ask-a-Vegan booth, and expand some of the performance art we've experimented with in previous years.

VegCamp History

At Burning Man 2005 (Amnesia & 6:30) and 2006 (Esplanade & 9:00) we screened nightime video and invited dialog.

In 2007 we were at 7:30 near the Esplanade. The space was not as practical for nightime video (though we did build a mobile projection system), but we added daytime interactive events (films & lectures) and a social space.

In 2008 we were on the Esplanade near 4:00. This was the first year we brought the Ask-a-Vegan booth, which was very popular. We also displayed a series of photographs called "I am Someone."

In 2009 we were at Biology & 5:30. We found that we had much more unstructured interaction with passersby this year, with many people dropping in to ask questions or visit with us. We added a food giveaway, reaching about 600 people with vegan hot dogs & sausages, and brought a new series of much larger photographs, called "Being Somebody."

In 2010 we were on Cairo near 5:30. We had less foot traffic than in previous years, but made up for it with large-scale food-giveaways.

In 2011 we were at 4:30 and Coming Out. This was a busy location; we had lots of visitors to the Ask-a-Vegan booth as well as most of the other activities we've done in previous years. At this point our camp has also become a favored hang-out spot for vegan and vegetarian burners, and we had snacks and a fire until the wee hours every night.

What You Can Do

Our goal at VegCamp is to involve particpants. Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Visit Us
  • Come talk with us, ask us questions about veganism, attend a film screening, or come to one of our food giveaways. We'd love to meet you!

  • Stop By and Help
  • Regardless of where you camp at Burning Man, you can still help at VegCamp. If you're vegan and can answer visitors' questions, or if you'd like to help in some other way, this is a great opportunity to create dialog about animal issues.

  • Join Us!
  • We sometimes have space for a few experienced vegan activists. If you think you might like to be part of our dedicated crew, contact us and let's talk.