Other Veg-Friendly Camps at Burning Man

Every year we get lots of inquiries from people looking for vegan or vegetarian camps at Burning Man. We'd like to have a list of camps to point them to. If your camp is vegan, vegetarian, or veg-friendly, please send us a description (click on Contact Us, above) and we'll start to create a list on this page.

What will we include here?

  • Camps with exclusively vegan or vegetarian food.
  • Camps with meal arragements that include strong vegan or vegetarian options.
  • Camps doing any sort of vegan, vegetarian, or animal rights outreach.

Being listed here does mean that we endorse the camps we include (but that's okay, it doesn't mean they endorse us either).

Black Planet

This camp was started by a long-time VegCamp member. We're sad to lose her, but think it's really cool that she started a new vegan camp.

Black Planet